Thursday, February 26, 2009

A busy day!

You might be excused for thinking I'd celebrated Oliver's birthday a little too much when I got out of bed a couple of days ago and this rather large glass of beer was hovering over our house!

But no, seeing is's a hot air balloon advertising Carlton Draught Beer!

It was very low over our house and I could hear the flame shutting on and off.

And then later that day my little 'studio' was moved from our old house.

I do watercolour painting (or should I say I did until I got addicted to Photoshop!) and this was a studio that my husband built for me. We moved house about 12 months ago and this has finally followed us.

We have now painted the roof blue to match the roof of our house. It doesn't look much but it's really lovely inside and it's now positioned so that when I paint (if I ever get around to it!) I look over the paddocks and the big pond/dam that is behind our house.

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