Monday, March 30, 2009

I've been at it again!

Yes, I've been at it again. I've designed a new kit.

You can see a sneak preview and read about my plans or lack there of (very vague at the moment I know!) on my Red Dog Digital Designs blog.

This is the first kit that I've designed under my new Red Dog banner.

Red Dog you might ask! Well some of my regular customers will know that I've been privleged to have had the love and companionship of quite a few Irish Setters over many years. It just seemed to me an inspired choice of title because of all what I associate with this beautiful breed which has given me so much joy over such a long time

If you look at the preview you will notice that I have a new logo............the dog on it is my Oliver (and of course he's also on the title banner of the blog).

In 2007 I was a premier designer for Linda Sattgast and since I'm feeling all nostalgic about the beautiful dogs that I've had in the past, I'm posting this layout I did with my old dog William which uses the kit that was featured at Scrappers Guide. I've always had a very soft spot for this layout. The 'first' photo is not good as it was scanned from an old, poor quality photo. If you love dogs, I'm hoping it will touch your heart as it does mine.



Sherrei said...

I remember this from SG! I knew we would be good friends the moment I saw it because of your love for William. You're one of my few friends that understand my love for my 3 little ones, Phil doesn't even understand.

Grace said...

I have your gorgeous Floral Celebrations kit that you designed for Scrappers Guide. Marcie joined the SG Premier as my friend so that I could receive the Floral Celebrations bonus.

I'm looking forward to your new designs.